Sunday 19 January 2014

Clare Park - Mermaids

Daddy and Puppynap said come on River, we're going to take you out somewhere you've never been before to see where Puppynap went to school.

We're going to take you to see the swans! We're going to Clare Park.

Brilliant but I must remember my Green Cross Code. 

Oh what's this, I've never seen this thing before, it smells funny.

I'm going to stick my head up here.


Oh some people and a little doggie. Come on everyone it's time to run!

Right into a great big pile of mud!

Don't see any Swans yet though.

Are there any over there?

Nah. This is rubbish, there's no Swans anywhere.

It's a nice lake though, strange that Puppynap went to school in a lake. Maybe they were all mermaids?

That's it, it must be a mermaid school.

Mermaids, are you there? MERMAIDS WHERE ARE YOU?