Friday 10 January 2014

Help Me Then!

I was having a lovely sleep on Puppynap and then Lil' came up to give me a bit of a cuddle. It woke me up but I was glad cause I could have a little sniff of her. She smells so lovely!

Sometimes Lil' can be a bit moody though and she wouldn't talk to me, OR, let me lick and sniff her!

But she wasn't in too bad a mood as she then wanted me to play chase with her and we ran all around the house, but Puppynap put my beanbag in the way so I couldn't get at her. I did jump up on it but I got a little bit scared to jump down the other side and when I looked at Puppynap to help me he just laughed and gave me a stroke.

Don't sit there just doing that, help me then!

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