Wednesday 15 January 2014

Last Night

Last night we went to see the boy and the girl and Phoebe and Flo. It was the girls birthday and Daddy said I must give her a great big kiss and lick to say Happy Birthday.

I did but I had to wait until she'd finished her bowl of bread and humans, and then I did the same to Phoebe even though it wasn't her birthday.

Phoebe then wanted me to come up the stairs to say hello to Flo who wouldn't come down and to come and play with her toys.

OK, you lead the way!

Puppynap kept on stopping me half way up the stairs though!

Then the boy said it was his turn and he had something in his hands for me.

Oh what it is?

What is it? What have you got in your hand for me?

It's a nose tickle!