Wednesday, 6 April 2016

To The Beach

I got a great big surprise when Daddy came home, he said we were going to go to the beach and have some chips. 

Come on I can't wait to get there.

We went down the motorway...

...and I was allowed to have the window open and stick my head out to feel the wind in my face. I love it.

Then after a little while we went over a great big bridge.

There was a brilliant view from the top, we could see rain in the distance but it wasn't raining where we were going.

When we parked I looked everywhere but I couldn't see the beach. I've been to one before you know so I know what a beach looks like.

Then Puppynap lifted me up onto a wall and I could see it. 

Come on what we waiting for, let's go!

It as different to the beach we went to before. maybe they are all different.

This one had lots of shells on it and we picked a few and I went exploring. It was brilliant.

But we had to wait until we got home to get some chips. Worth the wait though!