Friday, 1 April 2016

For Her Birthday - Come Back Duckies!

I was waiting for my Daddy to come home and see me when Puppynap said it as time to go out, we were visiting nanny for her birthday.


Phew, quite warm out today.

Busy on the roads today.

Brilliant, we're at the stream.

Come back duckies!

Wow you can run very fast for ducks.

Then we was there with nanny. We brought her some flowers to say happy birthday.

And then Puppynap said it was time to go home and...

...we were going home the long way around.

Hello, little fishes!

Up the hill.

Which is a lot more tiring to climb than it looks.

Phew puffed out now,

And I can't move another step, you'll have to carry me home.