Thursday, 28 April 2016

Through The Magic Tunnel - I Needed That!

Daddy is off work, the sun is out...

...and we're going for an adventure. Today it's down the road.

And through the magical tunnel.

Across a crossroads.

Remembering the green cross code.

And towards the lakes. It's very green here now, in just a month.

Since I was last playing amongst the daisies.

Quite a long walk already, time for a water break.

That was needed!

Yes a lot greener than last time.

Nice to see the swam's are about,


Oh dear a bit close that.

Yes much too close. Angry bird.

Time to go.

To explore.

Bit blowy here Puppynap.

Nice clouds though.

Ooh dear, another angry swam hiding like a secret agent.

Time to cross the bridge.

And see a typical Spring country scene, blue sky, fluffy white clouds and a meandering river. Quite satisfactory.

Phew, I' getting pretty thirty again, is it time for a water break yet?

Ahhh dreamy man.

Phew muddy puddle. Made it.

Ducks, ducks...


Where'd they go?

Ah clean water...

I needed that!