Sunday, 3 April 2016

Did You? Well Did You?

When we got up Daddy and Puppynap said we were going out for the day in the car.

We had to get some petrol, I love it there, so many smells and people and things to look at.

We drove for a little bit and then I realised what our day out was... was looking at cars for Daddy.

After a little while I went for a walk with Puppynap and I saw Daddy get in a car and drive off.

Come on we must see where he's going.

We waited for ages for him to come back.

And when he did we all went into the office. I got bored listening to Daddy and Puppynap talking to the con artist and in the end we all left.

Puppynap said he was a big con artist the one in there trying to sell them things they didn't want and make it seem like a bargain.

So we all got back in the car and were off... see some more cars.

I wish Daddy would just choose. Here I'll make it easy, have this one or this one.

Then an amazing thing happened Daddy and Puppynap and me went for a drive together in a car and then came all the way back again.

Look Daddy this one's good just get this one!

Did you? Well did you?