Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nadia, She's Come Back

We've were all out in the garden doing things, hoovering the grass and cutting plants but I got bored and went inside and then all of a sudden I heard Daddy calling me and I ran outside. 

He said go up to Puppynap. I did but I couldn't see what he kept on saying look at...

...and then all of a sudden I did. It was Nadia, she's come back again,

It's been ages since I last saw her, we had lots to catch up on.

Then Puppynap said it was time for her Spring bath.

I had to show her how to have a drink....

...and then Puppynap put her bath on the table.

That didn't stop me from wanting to be with her, we still hadn't finished our chat.

David was around and I said to him to come and say hello but I think he felt a bit shy.

Eventually it was time to go in for dinner, I wanted a bit of what Nadia was having but they said I wasn't allowed, it was special food for Nadia.

I'll just wait until they're not looking, then come back for a bit. 

It's brilliant having Nadia back again.

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