Friday, 8 April 2016

I Did Miss Him

I had a bit of a surprise today. I was all settled in with Puppynap when he put his shoes on, gave me a kiss and said he was going out but that Daddy would be home soon to see me.

I stayed in the window waiting for Daddy to come home and when he did we had a little cuddle and a sleep and then went out in his car to go and get some food but Puppynap wasn't back.

He had gone on a train to see some friends...

...all the way to London. I've been to London before I remember, I had a great time.

When he came back home it was very dark and he told me all about his adventure and showed me some photo's of places he used to work in.

He worked in a few different buildings all up the same road but that was a long time before I was born.

He said he used to walk up the road from the train station everyday and to go play with his friends.

It seemed like a very long road.

With lots of traffic and traffic lights and... 

...some amazing buildings with all their lights on at night.

And a great big river, bigger than me. It looked very pretty.

But I was glad when he phoned me and Daddy when he was on his way home so I could wait in the window for him to get back to us... I could give him the biggest kisses and cuddles. I did miss him.