Saturday, 9 April 2016

Martha The Monkey And The Bluebells

Puppynap tricked me and cut my face when I was feeling very sleepy, as a reward for being such a good girl Daddy said we was going to go out... the park... see Martha the monkey.

I love this park, there's so many things to see and do and sniff at....

...many long winding pathways...

...and hidden places to explore.

Can you see me?

We then saw some people on horses. I've never been this close to a horse before and really struggled with Daddy to let me go closer.

I watched them for ages until I couldn't see them anymore.

We then went into the enchanted forest... see the bluebells.

They smelt lovely and Puppynap said they are very my colour.

He also said I had very dirty paws but I don't care, my treat was so much fun.