Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy x

I slept on the bed last night because today was a special day.

Today was Daddies birthday. 

Happy Birthday Daddy x

Then it was time to get a belly rub for Daddies birthday present from me.

Then time to put my hat back on and for us to sing Happy Birthday...

It as a beautiful morning, and I hoped for a special wish for Daddy to take me out later on today. I hope his birthday wish comes true.

But for the meantime we were going to have a little sleep. That's what we do on Daddies birthday.

And then all of a sudden there was all this noise outside and men with poles and things coming up the path.

They put in an art installation for Daddies birthday,

Did you see Nadia?

Well. Did you?

She didn't say so I went for a rest on the sofa to wait for David to ask him if he saw.

Then David came down and I ran straight over to ask him if he saw the art installation they put in?

He didn't say!

So I went for a lay with Daddy on the sofa with the duvet.

And when we woke up it was time for a walk. 

Daddies birthday wish from me to him came true.

Um, tomorrow must be bin day.

And let me give you a jump for joy!

As we go on an afternoon adventure.

But when we came home I was beginning to feel a very tired girl.

A very tired girl indeed!

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