Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There She Is, She Was Hiding

Today daddy said I was going to have a couple of surprises, goody I love surprises.

It turns out the first one wasn't a surprise I liked though, I had to go to the Doctors. I was feeling alright so I didn't know why I was there. I can remember before when I went he put something up my bum and another time he gave me an injection.

Today he gave me an injection which I didn't really want and he cut my nails, I'm guessing this was the second bit of River Spa Day, now I've got nails like a girl.

Then we went in the car for a long drive and I fell asleep, the trip to the Doctors must have worn me out a lot as I didnlt wake up until we was there.

I've not been to this place before so I had a sniff around and I smelt something I'd smelt before, the Elf.

I ran indoors all excited but I couldn't find her this must be a birthday trip we are having.

There she is, she was hiding.