Saturday 13 April 2013

Lady Times

Twevors mummy came over to see me yesterday and she gave me loads and loads of cuddles. Twevor didn't come because he had a cold. Wow I've never heard of a dog having a cold before but I suppose he must be tucked up in bed like daddy was when he had a cold.

This morning just before she went away she let me play biting the hair. I thought a girl made that came up but no it's a game other girls know as well.

When she went I was really tired after all that playing so I decided to have a little sleep. I'm having lady times as Puppynap calls them and it's tiring me out a bit more quicker than normal. Just as I was falling asleep I heard a big noise outside and went to investigate.

Daddy and Puppynap were hovering the grass so I went out there to help them. They were very grateful for all my help they said so and gave me big cuddles. I'm now double tired and so am going to sleep all day I think.