Monday 29 April 2013

I've Just Been To THE LAKES

I've just been on the longest walk I've ever been on. Daddy picked me up and said come on lets go. I didn't know where we were going though. We got in the car and drove for a little bit and then he said we're here, it's the lakes and I jumped out of the car.

There was a sign saying I must be kept on a lead, owwww.

We then went through a magic tunnel made of trees and when we came out of the other side.....

There was a great big lake and it was full of ducks and geese. They were brilliant...

and I went up really close to them. I've never seen geese before

After a while daddy said come on let's run and we ran and ran and


When we stopped we was in a field full of daisies. I love daises and smell them whenever I see them. 

There was also a great big frog and Puppynap said that an evil witch must have put a spell on the frog to turn it into wood. He does talk rubbish sometimes.

It wasn't an evil witch but I needed to investigate who did turn the frog into a big wooden frog and when they walked off I dug my heals in, I hadn't finished my hunting for clues.

Daddy and Puppynap thought I was trying to tell them that I wanted a drink of water but I wasn't going to drink from the lake what do they think I am?

When we were there though some Swans flew over they were amazing.

They we hit a dog soup, there was about 10 of then all running around trying to sniff me and then one of the ladies started to feed the Swans and one of the little dogs went to help her.

She was beautiful

but then decided to chase us,

Daddy picked me up and we ran. Good I was glad of the rest it was a very long walk even to this bit and I knew we had more to go.

Eventually after about 15 miles we came back to where we started and I saw the ducks and geese again.

By this time I was too tired to walk so sat down for a rest, it's been a lovely walk but I can't believe how tired I am I think I will sleep all afternoon now.