Wednesday 10 April 2013

Laugh Day

Puppynap just took me out for a long walk and I made lots of new friends.

First of all we went to a shop and Puppynap went in side and left me out by the door. A nice lady with a red coat came up to me to keep me company and gave me a big stroke and talked to me while he was inside. he did leave me a treat so I didn't mind.

Then we went to another shop and while I was waiting a lady and her son waved at me from inside. I didn't wave back I've not really learnt to wave yet but I barked hello. Then a boy and a girl holding hands waked by and said hello and laughed. Finally Puppynap came out with some chips in his hands and we tussled for a bit trying to untie me from the lamp post.
Around the corner I made a lady sitting down jump and laugh when I tired to get into her shopping bag. Puppynap didn't see her at first and it made him jump when she laughed. She didn't mind though I got another stroke.

Then when we walked by a fire station 5 girls were sitting doing what Puppynap called gossipping. They loved me I know because they said so and they said that they wanted a jumper just like mine and did a lot of giggling.

Then just as we got home we saw Tiny's mummy and went to say hello. She said I was a big girl now and let me play on her lawn. Tiny was asleep so he didn't come out to play. I understand I was very tired and ready for a sleep too but then a lady called E came to say hello and said she thought I was beautiful, wow thank you for that and for the strokes. 

In the end it was time to go indoors and although I wanted soooo badly to go to sleep I can't all the time that Lil' is on the stairs looking at me. 

It's been fantastic all my new friends I've made today and all of them have been laughing I think it must be laugh day.