Saturday 20 April 2013

My First Ever BBQ

I've just been to my first every BBQ. A girl phoned daddy and said "Come on come around and have a BBQ". 

Daddy jumped up and down and said "We're on our way" 

When we got there a boy was missing so I looked at the horticulture stuff he'd been doing, I'm liking the exotic plant life they have growing there. I then had a bit of a play in the garden with the girls socks.

Then the boy came and said they didn't have any wood so Puppynap disappeared and went and searched for some and when he eventually came back we got the fire going. Wow I've seen fire before but never this big, they all must have liked it because they huddled around it although the boys gardening must have disturbed some nests as they had ants in their pants.

What happens at a BBQ is that you get to eat a lot of burnt meat unless you are Puppynap who gets a spicy bean-burger whatever that might be, and when you are finished you burp a lot and then huddle in tight and have a little sleep. I've decided I like BBQ's and shall be attending them lots.