Monday 1 April 2013

River The Wonder Dog

They've been in for ages and I wanted to go out so I kept on panting and looking outside. Hurrah they got the hint and they said that they would take me up to see nanny.

Yippee there's always lots of squirrels around up there for me to chase.

We went the longer way than normal which means that I get to go past the stream twice.  I like streams and Rivers and things like that but I don't think I'm ready yet to go paddling in it.

At the second part of the stream the ducks were there again. I don't know why they run away I'm not bothered by them at all.

I prefer sniffing at the flowers and the bulbs. That's much better fun! 

On the way home we went up a big hill and I was very good and kept up with daddy and Puppynap. When we was at the top we went down the other side again and there was a great big race track and I ran and ran and ran. 

Yeah River the Wonder Dog!