Wednesday 17 April 2013

I Nearly Laughed My Head Off

I saw Puppynap putting on his shoes and putting on his shoes means just one thing, he's on his way out. I really wanted to go I think I'm going mad not being allowed out anywhere apart from the back garden but it was OK he said that as I was looking a bit better that he was going to take me up to see nanny. Hurrah!

It was so lovely being out, I got to sniff around all the flowers and I wasn't rushed away I was allowed to take all the time I wanted. There's some very pretty purple one's just down the road that I loved the smell of.

When we got to the stream I had a little drink I didn;t realise how tired I would be so I took my time and smelt some yellow ones and a dog came near by but Puppynap picked me up and carried me away.

After we left we met another dog but Puppynap wouldn't let me go near him as well. The man was allowed to give me a big stroke. Oh why won't he let me play or say hello to the other dogs today?

There wasn't any squirrels around today when we saw nanny but I was so glad to see another dog when we left but Puppynap pulled me the other way. I sat down, right I want to know why I can't go near dogs I've been a good girl, so I barked at Puppynap.

He then said that I wasn't allowed to go near boy dogs because he said because of my lady times that they would try it on with me and he looked very serious. I didn't know what he meant but he looked so serious I couldn't help myself and nearly laughed my head off.