Sunday 6 April 2014

Underground Overground, A Special Look Out Tower!

Puppynap said come on River you are going on a BIG ADVENTURE today and then Daddy put my new mac on me.

Come on then let's get going I wanna go on a BIG ADVENTURE!


We then went in the car but I was too excited to go to sleep today!

When we got there we was at a place I haven't been to before. 

Ooh where are we?

*Sniff, sniff*

No definitely not been here before are we nearly there yet?

WOW this is lovely...


I love your new home.

You've even got a special look out tower!

It's very high up here it's amazing!

And then Daddy said come on River that's only the first part of the adventure, we're going to go underground!


I've never been underground before.

First of all we went on a moving metal thing.

No Daddy I don't like it, I'm getting off.

But it was OK Daddy picked me up when we went on the moving metal thing. I was glad because it was very long and I don't like moving things unless it's the car.

We then went through some tunnels that big rabbits could live in and there was lots of people and then a big noisy snakey thing came from another tunnel and doors opened and Daddy, me, Puppynap and WHS all got in.

Daddy put me on the floor and then the doors closed and people looked at me and then we went wosh and the floor shook.

I didn't like it and when they saw Daddy picked me up and put me on a cushion next to him and hugged me in tight.

No I didn't like it, it scared me a bit.

And then we got off and I was happy. 

This bit was brilliant I got to walk on some shiny slippy floor and there was lots and lots of people and I LOVED IT.

Wow so many legs and smells.

And then Daddy said come on River we're now going overground.

Oh no, I hope it's better than the underground.

It was lighter and although there was lots of people that looked at me they smiled a bit more and Daddy put me on the floor and when we moved it was quieter and nicer and I didn't mind this bit.

Because I got a bit tired after a while I jumped up on Daddies lap for a cuddle and I looked out the window and saw things just like in the car. 

I like this bit.

This is a real adventure.

When we got off we met some friends and walked down a big road. I didn't know where we was going but this was also a part of the adventure.

Then they said, we're here!

New River Walk.

Amazing a brilliant adventure to a place named after me.

Daddy, you are so clever to do this adventure for me x

Then we went into a pub and a lady gave me water and 4 treats as soon as we went in. Thank you x

When I was finished we all sat down and I sat on Puppynaps legs to see everything that was going on.

We were in a pub! I've been to a pub before when we went to another River near home when I was very little and when we visited WHS in London before and on my first ever holiday.

Right. What's for dinner Daddy?

After dinner I had a chance to give WHS a proper cuddle. She's my friend you know!

I had a brilliant time in there and I chatted to lots of people and little children who gave me lots of strokes and cuddles and said hello to some other dogs in there who were having an adventure of their own.

I was getting sleepy and then Daddy said come on River we're going to go now, but the adventure isn't over yet and we went back on the overground and then the underground.


Daddy put me next to him as soon as we got to the underground thing and cuddled me in and I did a little shake when we started moving and Puppynap promised I'd never have to go on the underground again as it scared me and I must never be scared and everyone agreed.

And then we said bub bye WHS and got back in the car and then all of a sudden we was at the girls.

Hello girls!

Here, have a kiss x

And then we was back at home and I was cuddled up with my Daddy on the sofa with the duvet. 

I've had a brilliant adventure.

Thank you Daddy, I saved the best kiss for you x