Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Can Of Worms

Daddy took me down the stairs just now, gave me a tooth stick and then went back up the stairs but he left me down the stairs all on my own.

I wasn't having that!

I called out to him to come and get me for a little bit but he didn't come so i decided I was going to try and get up the slidey stairs all on my own.

I was a little bit scared but I've made it up stairs before around Flo and Phoebe's house  but their stairs are soft and these ones are all slidey. I remember when I tried it before but this time I was determined.

I got half way up to where the little man who lives on the stairs lives and called out to Daddy and Puppynap to come and get me. They both got up and said ahhh look at the big girl.

I know I was a very big girl and because they were there I felt OK and made it all the way up on my own.

That's better, back in bed just where I wanted to be but they are confusing me, they said that a can of worms has now been opened. Silly Daddy I didn't open a can of worms I climbed the stairs all on my own for the first time.

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