Tuesday 1 April 2014

Flowers Everywhere

I was just having a little play with Nadia when Puppynap said come on River I'm going to take you out.

Brilliant, where we going?

Down the road, right I know where we're going.

Today Puppynap said we can take our time. I was going to, there's flowers everywhere and I intend to smell them all.

Daffydills, my favourite.

Not sure what these white and purple one's are but they are lovely. Come and have a smell.

Nah, wood, not interested in that.

Oh a fish out of water.

Weewee flowers!

Right, we're at the big road, I know what I must do...

...wait here until all the cars have gone and then cross really quickly.

Oh come on, this is getting boring now!

Phew I'm glad we're at the stream, that was a lovely drink, I was thirsty it's so hot today.

Come on, this way, quickly!

But first we must stop and smell these daffydills.

Here we are flowers for Nanny for her birthday.

Oh goodness me, look at that Puppynap...

...a cat is hiding in the bushes!

Now we're home again I'm going to tell Nadia all about it.

Nadia, would you like to come next time?