Thursday, 10 April 2014

And That's When He Fell In The River!

Puppynap said come on River we're going for an afternoon walk.

Brilliant, I'll wait by the door for you, come on then slow coach!

Ok we're going up the road today, I know this way, come on!

Because I wanna jump!

And sniff out the news. Yes a doggie has been this way I can smell him

Oh he's disappeared now! 

Little leap, little leap.

And then Puppynap went into the shop to talk to the lady and left me out here all on my own even though he did keep on calling out to me to make sure I was OK.

I'm OK but come on hurry up Puppynap.

After we went across the big road we went up a hill. There's a brilliant view from up here.

And then we went down a hill. I think I know where we are going, we've been here before but last time we were coming up the hill.

On the other side a brilliant thing happened, a cat came out to say hello to me. She lives behind this gate in the forest. I stuck me head through but she didn't run away or anything she just sat there looking at me. She was lovely I hope I see her again.

Just down the hill there was a big river... was very smelly and I didn't fancy a drink out of it even though I was very thirsty.

We went around the corner and got to one of my bestest favourite places, the stream with all the daffydills.

I love it here Puppynap let's me sniff the daffydills all I want. I then went to the toilet and Puppynap sorted things out but he got some on his hand. I laughed and he went to wash his hands in the stream...

...and that's when he fell in the river and got his leg all wet!