Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Brilliant Day In The Garden - I Supervised!

We've had a brilliant day in the garden.

Daddy and Puppynap got up early and said come on River, we're going to do some horticulture. Brilliant I love horticulture, what we doing first?

Having a bit of a chat with the garden doggie while they get everything ready.

Then they did some digging and weeding and things and Puppynap went out and came back with some amazing bags. 

Oh what's in them, they smell all funny?

They were very heavy and when they picked them up they grunted and Puppynap got a wet face because they were so heavy.

I supervised!

Come on Daddy we need some more of that stuff over here!

Phew it smells very funny. I don't know what it's made off...

...but I gave it a little taste!

And then I got bored and decided everyone was going to play chase the pink kitty ball.

Ooh this is fun, Daddy kicked the pink kitty and I've got to run very fast to catch it. Here I come!

Got it.

Again! Again!

Wow it bounces as well. I can't get it up there...

...but when it comes down I can. Come on Daddy try and get it from me.

Hurrah, this is brilliant

Round and round the garden, spining around and around.

Phew that was brilliant but it's so hot and all this running has made me out of breath.

Can I have a drink of goats milk please?

It was so hot that even Nadia came out to play. Hello Nadia what would you like to do?

Ahh climb up my face to give me a kiss.


Now let me sniff your bottom.

And then I showed Nadia a ladybird that I'd found on a leaf. Ladybirds like leaves as much as I do.

And then Nadia went off to find her dinner...

...and I had a snack of some of that stuff in the bag while Daddy cooked me some chicken for my dinner.

After dinner Puppynap put on a documentary about Gnome world. We've got a couple of gnomes I didn't realise their world was so exciting and full of adventure.

This day has just plain wore me out but it was brilliant one of the best days in the garden EVER! It's a shame Lil' wasn't here she would have loved it!

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