Thursday, 17 April 2014

She Threw It At My Face

I've been very tired today and was really surprised when Puppynap woke me up and said come on River we're going to see some friends.

Ooh I wonder who we are going to see, come on Puppynap get the car moving I'm ready!

I fell asleep as soon as the car started and then in a second we was at the girls house. Brilliant, thanks Puppynap I love coming to see the girls, they are very good friends to me.

I was just having a little explore in their garden when I heard a knock on the door and I could hear two people calling out my name.

I ran to it very fast, I can come back and explore later but I wanted to see who had come to see me.

It was my Daddy and The Elf.

Come on in Elf you've got some work to do, let me show you the way!

I was hungry it was time for my dinner.

Puppynap had to tell her how to feed it to me in my mouth. 

What you do is bring it right to me mouth and then just as I get it between my teeth drop it in.

Puppynap told The Elf this but she got confused and threw it at my face like I was trying to catch a peanut and everyone laughed.

You've got some learning to do Elf!

After dinner I was still so tired so I jumped up behind the girl to have a little rest. Ahh it's so lovely here snuggled up she's lovely and warm and it never takes me long to fall asleep next to her. Thanks for a lovely evening everyone.