Saturday 26 April 2014

It Felt Like My Birthday

I was allowed to sleep on the bed with Daddy and Puppynap last night because it was a special time because when we woke up... was my Daddies birthday. 

Happy Birthday Daddy x

Oh what presents have you got Daddy?

Let me take care of that paper for you!

That's BRILLIANT! What did I get you daddy?

And then I heard a car go beep beep. 

Ooh who's come to see me?


I wasn't expecting to see Izzy it was BRILLIANT.

We THEN said hello to each other.

IZZY! IZZY! What shall we play?

Vampire Doggies, OK then!

Ooh hello Elf, you doing Hi-Ya?

Phew that was tiring. Shall we have a little rest for a minute...

Before we go outside and play.

Come on follow me, I know a brilliant thing to do.

Look can you see Izzy, it's a brilliant thing.

No Izzy, it's the other way.

OK then let's play piggy back.

No I've an even better idea of what to play.

Everybody Conga!


Yes this is so much fun.

Oh it's so lovely to see you Izzy!

Come on let's dance. 

And now let's play race!

I'm catching you up Izzy!

That was a brilliant day, it felt like my birthday!