Wednesday 30 April 2014

A Gate Into A Secret Garden

I was just having a little chat with the cats in the tree when Puppynap said come on River we're going to go and get Daddy.

I wondered where he was as he went out today but he didn't go where he usually does. I think he must have been out with some friends or something and now it was time for me to go and get him in from his playtime.

We went in the car for a little bit and then Puppynap said we're here and we went through a gate into a secret garden.

Wow this is a magical land and Daddy is waiting for me down the steps...

...but first of all I'm going to have a bit of an explore around.

And then I heard some noise coming from behind a bush and went to explore and there was some sheep who wanted me to go and play with them but Puppynap said I must leave them alone and they were playing with their children.

Well in that case I'm going to have a look over here.

Wow it's very pretty and some little boys came and said hello and gave me a stroke and said I looked comfy.

I was!

Puppynap and Daddy said that near here was where Daddy was going to live during the day and that we'd be coming here a lot. There's daisies here so yes I approve!