Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Doggies Position

A boy and a girl came over tonight to see me. I always love it when we meet up as I get the biggest amount of attention.

A girl always gives me lots of cuddles and rubs like daddy does. Every time a girl is doing that a boy gets on the floor and gets into the doggies position.

He then shakes his head on the floor leaving his scent for me to sniff. 

Wow that girls got a strong grip she must have been working out to be so strong but I always manage to break free and go play with the boy until we're both panting.

After a while everyone started eating lots of chocolate Easter Eggs. Wow this Easters got a lot of food involved in it and Puppinanapper says it's not even Easter yet. I don't get to eat Easter eggs as Puppinanapper says that will make me very ill. I managed to escape for a while though with the Aerobubbles in the middle until daddy took them off me.

Then Lil' came down and we all settled down to watch something on the TV. Dunno what it was fell asleep.

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