Thursday 21 March 2013

A Dogs Best Friend

I've been very bored today. Puppinanapper hid lots of treats all around the house for me to find but I found them all in about 2 seconds.

Humph I don't like it when they aren't here I didn't know what to do. The big Dobermanny dog went by and I called out to him but he can't be very friendly as he didn't even look at me. Maybe it's because he's hurt his leg because he was walking all lopsided.

In the end I went outside to see if Love Heart was around to play with but she wasn't so I found this great big stick to play with instead. I love sticks it's true what they say they are a dogs best friend. You can do so much with them. Clean your teeth, chuck them in the air and even use them to play swords with. I'm going to take this one in doors to play with and show Puppinanapper all my arts and crafts with it all over the floor.