Thursday 28 March 2013

I Pretended Not To Hear

Poppinanapper went out this morning with daddy and was gone a very long time. When he came back he had lots and lots of bags probably with treats in it for me. He took such a long time playing with them though that I got bored waiting and went outside to play.

I found a great big stick that I am going to add to my collection of things I've brought inside this week. I've given Daddy and Poppinanapper so many presents they must be very proud of me.

Poppinanapper saw me though the window and ruined the surprise. He must still be pretending not to see as he called me. I wasn't finished yet though so I ran around in circles chasing my tale to fool him. There's a hole over there I want to explore.

But he called me again so I scratched my ear and pretended not to hear. Somehow I've got to get this stick past him without him seeing but I can see a denta stick in his hand and I love those so I'm going to come back later.