Tuesday 12 March 2013

Skating On Ice

Puppinanapper just took me for a walk outside all around where we live. The snow everywhere was great but I discovered something new. ICE!

It's like snow because it's all cold but that was OK as I was wrapped up warm. The thing is ice is different it's all hard on my feet and crunchy as well and this ice was different from the ice I eat.

But there's something different about it to. When you run to say hello to a cat in the street no matter how fast your feet go you don't really go anywhere.

Yes my feet went really really fast but I stayed in almost the same spot and I fell over a couple of times.

Puppinapper said I was skating on ice. I'm not sure I liked that part that much and when it came to the steps I wouldn't go down them in case I fell over again and that's a very long way down so I got a carry instead.