Friday 29 March 2013

Before, During And After

Today they told me I was going to get a haircut. I've had these before so I know what to expect, plenty of attention and treats while I pretend to squirm around just enough to keep them on their toes.

I knew it was time when they started preparing the operating table with instruments and cloths and things So I jumped up at Puppynap.

and spun around and around.

Daddy them spent ten minutes brushing and stroking me. This bit is fine and incures no costs.

Half way through we had a break while they tidied up the table of my hair.

When we was finished I jumped on daddies back and some girls came over to see me.

And then I showed everyone what I looked like after my haircut and bath.

And then a boy and a girl came over and a girl put me in her nightie thing and held me tight. it was very warm in there and I struggled to get out.

I then jumped around and played with everyone for ages. It was brilliant but I'm so tired now it's been a busy day.