Monday 11 March 2013

It's Snowing, Run, Run, Run

When I woked up I couldn't find Puppinanapper and ran around everywhere searching for him. In the end I found him in the bed in the other room hidden under the covers.
He must have been cold hidden up like that so I jumped up and in the covers to warm him up and to say come on it's time to get up.
Daddy took me downstairs and then I saw it. There was snow everwhere. I didn't know what to do first so I ran up in the front window and looked at some little people walking up the road in their red boots and then I ran up the back and had a look out the window in the door.

This is just amazing I didn;t want to wait until someone came out with me so I jumped through the window and ran and ran and ran, It's snowing and it's my favourite thing today.

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