Tuesday 18 December 2012

We Went To A Garage

We just went for a walk to a GARAGE.

The Puppinanapper took me out. He said I was walking a lot quicker than last time he took me out. He said it was almost like walking at normal speed.

I only stopped when I saw the man washing windows and to sniff a bush once,, the man sweeping leaves and the lady with a handbag. How lucky is he to have a job sweeping LEAVES!

The old lady with the wheels in front of her scared me even though she smiled at me. I jumped into the road to get away.

I then saw another man who waved at me. I didn't know him.

When we went onto the main road the cars didn't worry me this time. I stopped when a bus went by. They're enormous.

When we went in the garage to get the car I was in Puppinanappers jacket and kept very quiet. I just looked around. It was very smelly and dirty. I didn't want to go on the floor. There were lots of men in there all shouting and banging things and a radio playing really loud. I was glad when we left.

I must have been really good as I got a treat when I came back home. Going to sleep now.