Tuesday 25 December 2012

My 1st Christmas

Everyone must have been very tired last night as we all fell asleep downstairs together. When I woke up it was Christmas Day. 

Wow my very first Christmas. This is what is was all about. It was so lovely waking up with Daddy and the Puppinanapper all warm and snuggly.

First we all got some presents. I loved unwrapping them lots.  I got a necklace but it scratched me and a piece of rope which I loved. Daddy gave me lots of treats and played around me with all over the place. 

Lil got some ribbon with bells on it. She didn't seem bothered but I loved my presents and played with them for ages.

We then all sat and watched some TV and then Puppinanapper tidied up my space and laid all my toys out under the tree. On the TV they gave instructions for everyone to give dogs bones. I liked the show they were watching but I got bored and played with my rope.

We then all ate some turkey. It was lovely I snuffled it down really quickly and got the hiccups again. I always do get them every time I eat or I get too excited.

I decided to give everyone a Christmas day wish and all day I used the back door entrance to go into the garden to go to the toilets. Everyone was very pleased with me and I got more treats again and another play.

Daddy played pull me around the floor. I think it might be my favourite game now although we also played I AM A HOTDOG and I loved that one too.

In the afternoon I looked at a book with pictures of famous Dogs in then all dressed up really posh. I don't know why daddy and the Pupppinanapper found them so funny I thought they looked great.

I then got another present, a new bed to lie on . It's very comfy and I like it alot. 

Daddy played with me so much tonight that I'm whacked out and am having a little lie down next to my new best friend Alo the goldfish. I wish everyday was Christmas Day I had a great first one.

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