Saturday 1 December 2012

Day 3

Three days I've been here and Wow this is something else.

Day 1
Come to my new home, sleep. Wake up see a cat A CAT who hissed at me before I went back to sleep.

Day 2
Wake up to find I'm lying in a bed with my toys and then two men that brought me here yesterday are fast asleep.

I wake them up by shouting really loud. Come on I'm ready.

Down we went where I found another bed and load of toys and a breakfast of scrambled eggs. Sleep. Wake, cat nearer, less of a hiss. Sleep

Wake up to find myself in a car. A CAR.

We go into some building where a man listened to my chest, yanked up my ears and shoved something up my bum. OUCH

Home. Sleep.

Day 3
and today things are calm. I slept the other side of the bed last night just for the change and to let that cat know that I'm no threat but I'm not a push over either.

There's toys everywhere and today I went out in the cold with one of the men. He ran up the garden and I followed. I'm learning to bound. He found it amusing as did the other one who watched from inside in the warm.

They later took me out dressed up in a blue jumper. OK it's cold I'll let you have that one. We went and watched some cars with their lights on. I got very excited and jumped around. I did really good but I'm tired now.

Enough already I'm only little. 8 1/2 weeks old to be exact. I'm River and I've moved in.