Tuesday 4 December 2012

On A Promise

I've made a new friend when I went out with the man that stays here all the time.

It was another dog just like me. His name was Tiny. I don't know why he's called that I'm much smaller. I went into Tiny's house and we sniffed each other and ran around. I could walk underneath him, he was like a tunnel.
That man said if I was good maybe we could go on a play date. Don't know what that is but sounds good, got the word play in it. Best be good. I love getting promises.

He then made me walk which I didn't mind for a little bit but when we passed a building things man I wanted to watch and he kept on trying to make me walk.

I got a stroke from the building things man. He smelled of wood and dust but I didn't sneeze. After that I didn't want to walk any more so I didn't. I stayed still until I got carried. 

Phew these walks can be long and tiring, I only just managed to get indoors before I went to the wee, I was busting. 

Oh look a toy that's got a bell inside of it. INSIDE. I'm gonna play with that now.