Sunday 23 December 2012

Ready For Action

Puppinanapper just took me for a walk outside.

We went up the road and then a girl on the corner smoking a cigarette said I was lovely when I sat by her legs looking at her. She said that she had a dog and that her dog did the same thing when she saw people.

We then went to the edge of this world and a lady in a car got out and came to say hello. There was another man and a lady and they said that they had 2 Shih Tzu who live with them. We all had a little chat until I got bored and we went.

We then went across the big road with cars and another lady said I was little and that she thought I had a personality. Of course I do I'm alive.

When the Puppinanapper went into a shop I sat outside watching him. The girl from the shop came out and said I was sweet and another man said he also had a little Shih Tzu who was 15 weeks old. There's lots of us about.

We left.

We then went and kicked leaves together on the grass. I got carried back over the road and then I could smell I had been here just now and ran and ran really fast all the way back home.

But when we got here I didn't want the adventure to end so I sat really still on the grass until I got carried in.

Because I was so good I got a tooth stick.