Saturday 8 December 2012

My First Haircut

I've just had my first haircut.

Those men picked me up and there was a snappy metal thing that came close to my face.

I didn't like it. I struggled. They put it down.

Lil' the CAT came very close and was watching what was going on. She had a funny look on her face. One of those men kept talking to her, telling her it was OK they weren't going to hurt me and stroked her. I felt a little bit better.

A buzzy thing then came at me. I struggled. They didn't put it down.

They put it near my eyes and nose. It wasn't as bad as the snappy metal thing. I didn't mind it at all when they did my bum, I was a brave girl and stayed really still.

I can now see much better, I like that. They gave me lots of treats when it was over I liked that a lot.

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