Saturday 8 December 2012

I Met A Boy And A Girl And Phobe And Flo

Tonight I met a boy and a girl and Phobe and Flo.

They are all friends of the two men.  Phobe and Flo are CATS. They look different to Lil'. They have longer hair and I think they wanted to make friends with me. I also think they are sisters because they looked exactly the same to me.

We went in the car to their house. I like riding in the car. I sit on the mans lap and look out of the window. I also liked licking the window.

When we got there one of the cats went into another room but one of them, Phobe I think, just sat there and waited watching me. I went over to her and she just looked back at me. Then she sat on the girls lap and I went up to her to make friends. She also shared some of her treats. I said thank you by licking her face. I think she liked it because she didn't move.

This all tired me out and I fell asleep on the boys lap for a while. When I woke up I tried to bite the girls bum. I think she liked that because she laughed. 

I liked visiting them all I hope I go to see them again soon, we can all play again.