Sunday 2 December 2012

My Big Adventure With Twevor

Today we went for a trot outside at the front of where I live. I was wearing my blue jumper to keep me warm. One of those men kept on calling me Lil'. My name is River!

After a little way we saw a CAT. He stared back at me as I went past him. He was big and fluffy but he'd didn't play with us.

We played race. Sometimes I was first and sometimes it was Twevor. I ran really hard.

Then we went under a big tunnel but I wasn't scared.  One of those men picked me up as there was glass everywhere.

I even managed to climb a great big wall but I got a bit stuck half way.

I liked playing around in the little bushes that were everywhere. One of those men said there was rabbits around but I didn't see anything.

When we got there I fell asleep I was so tired I just couldn't play anymore. They woke me up and gave me bits of meat. Yum.

I was still so tired on the way back that I just couldn't walk so one of those men carried me in his coat and carried me home. I liked that. I could see everything.

I had a lovely big adventure with Twevor but I'm so tired out I'm going to sleep now.