Saturday, 26 December 2015

Today Is Called Boxing Day

Today is called Boxing Day and it's a day when you don't really do anything.  I didn't anyway, I had a long lay on Daddy as we ate his breakfast.

Then I had a sleep and woke up to hear Puppynap in the kitchen. I went out to help him get it done quick, he said the best thing I could do to help would be to stay and chat to him. So I did.

It took ages for dinner to come but when it did it was brilliant. I had the beef and then went to sit on Daddy again and have a chat...

...but he didn't feel like talking so I went to sleep on him again until...

...I spotted the Elf leaning forward and decided that would be the best place in the room for me to go to bed in. I like Boxing Days, nice and lazy!