Saturday, 12 December 2015

Screaming Mad People - Suki

I knew something was happening when I saw Daddy and Puppynap put their shoes on. They said not to worry as I was coming too, we was going to see a new little baby.


On good day's I'm allowed to hang out the window and feel the wind in my hair, if we're not on the motorway.

I love it!

We then went to the garage, it was amazing looking at all the people doing things, I didn't like the smell though.

We then went on the motorway and got stuck in traffic. Daddy said it was people going all mad shopping for Christmas. Puppynap said he does all his shopping through the computer, saves listening to screaming mad people he says.

When we got their Daddy and Puppynap were all smiling and silly over the baby and I went outside to meet their doggie, Suki.

She's a big one and she's only one year older than me. I was a bit cautious, she kept on circling me and smelling my bottom.

I had to have a little talk with her and tell her I didn't like that and if she stopped we could be really good friends.

We then went for an explore around the garden, it was too cold and rainy for a BBQ today.

We had such a good time exploring and things all around the place. I think we're going to become really good friends, if she remembers my rule!