Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Christmas Eve, River

Today is a very special day it's called Christmas Eve, it's the day before Christmas. I was allowed to sleep on the bed all night last night.

When we got up me and Daddy had something to eat and then Puppynap said there would be some people come to see us later for Christmas.

I decided to wait up by the window to see when they were here.

I also had a little look at my presents. I wonder what I am getting?

Then I heard a sound behind me... was David. He had come to play with me, for Christmas Eve.

*Sniff, sniff*

We love playing rough and tumble.

But then David said he'd had enough and went upstairs to sleep and I played with my lamby,

And got a treat.

And had a sleep.

And then it was time to give Puppynap his Christmas card from me. 

And while Daddy looked in amazement at the one from me to him me and David had a little play.

And then I watched Puppynap eat some cake. I'm not allowed cake. Cake looks good.

And then I remembered people were coming to see me and waited in the window for them.

And then they were here.

It was Daddies cousin and his mummy and daddy. I didn't know who to go to first, so I went to the presents. I wonder what I'm getting?

I did think I might be getting one early when The Elf rattled the bag.

But she was just teasing me.

So I went to sit up with Daddy at the table and see if I could see what was in the bag over her shoulder.

But I couldn't and decided to take myself to bed for a bit. I was very happy when Puppynap came up to tuck me in but then I decided to go back down the stairs again.

It was time for dinner, chicken and mashed potatoes. It was then time for a sleep, I want to be awake to see Santa come and visit us tonight.

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