Saturday, 5 December 2015

It Was The Middle Of The Night

"Come on River" Puppynap said, "we're going out."

It was the middle of the night!

We got in the car and everything was very dark, I had no idea what time it was or where we were going and then all of a sudden we stopped... let the train go by. While we waited Puppynap said we were going to take Daddy to the test centre, Daddy had a driving exam this morning.

I had a very little sleep and then when we got there Daddy got out and Puppynap parked the car.

We then saw a very strange man in the window, I wonder if he's taking the test too?

Puppynap then said we were going to go and have an adventure by a great big River.

We went just around the corner and then we were there. We went on a pier!

Wow, it's the biggest river I've ever seen.

Puppynap said we were going to go all the way over there.

But first we had some other things to look at here.

Some boats.

And then there was some even more amazing things going on.

Little ducks going down a really small river, that went into the big river. They looked like there were having so much fun that we watched them for ages.

Come on, enough of that now.

We went up some steps to get a better view, but it was very windy... then we went back down again, very quickly.

We then passed some things called canons. Puppynap said they were weapons of war and as such should never be respected. I agree but this grass is great fun to run about on.

Puppynap put me up on a ledge to get a better view but it was so windy I didn't really like it.

It was then about time to go back and wait for Daddy.

What a pretty house.

We then got back to the car but Daddy wasn't there so we went for another little walk and said hello to the little snowman...

...and the lady with a lovely hat.

It then got so windy Puppynap said we should wait in the car for Daddy.

I wonder if he passed?

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