Saturday, 19 December 2015

Auntie Silver In Her New Home

I saw Puppynap put on his shoes and say he was going out to see Auntie Silver AND I was going too!

Yeah brilliant, I love Auntie Silver.

We went a different way from normal and then Puppynap said we were going to visit Auntie Silver in her new home.

It didn't take long to get there, I love car journeys so it didn't matter if it was longer away.

Wow is this big building where she lives now?

We then went in a lift but it was OK as I was picked up and looked in the mirror at myself, I thought it was another little doggie for a second, and then we were there in the room in a corridor. 

Lot's of other people live here as well, they must be Auntie Silvers new friends. They were very nice and people, Puppynap called nurses, came in to say hello to me and give me lots of strokes.

I was then allowed to go and explore as much as I wanted. I couldn't smell Rosie, I don't think she lives here with Auntie Silver.

I gave her a kiss on her nose and she laughed. While they talked about things from the past times I sat like a good girl looking out of the door to see all the people go by. It's good here, I get strokes from everyone that goes past the door, they all come in to say hello, especially to me and I get to see Auntie silver as well!