Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I Waited For Ages - Wow!

We was just getting ready to go out to see Aunty Silver when Puppynap got a phone call from his cousin. I waited for ages while he chatted then he said we couldn't go and see Auntie Silver today as she was in hospital, but there was no need to worry she would be OK but our visit was postponed.

He did say to not look too sad though as he was going to take me to see the Christmas lights at the top of the road when it was dark.


They are brilliant!

We then walked around everywhere looking at people's Christmas tree's, He said we were going to put ours up at the weekend and I could help all I wanted as I was such a good girl.

When we got back I told David all about it and said he really would love to see them. He said he might go up later but he was quiet enjoying playing for now. Me too!

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