Friday, 25 December 2015

My Christmas Day by River aged 3

I woke up and it was Christmas Day. I was allowed on the bed all night and it was nice and warm on Daddy. Pupynap had a bath and then said I should make sure I remember all of the day today.

When I woke up it was Christmas Day.

I had a little drink and then said to everyone, come on it's time to go and open our presents.

Come on everyone, hurry up!

But when I got down the stairs only Daddy and Puppynap and David was down here. I looked out of the window to see who was coming today.

But I waited for ages and got bored and decided to have a look at my presents to see what I was having. David joined me, we couldn't work it out.

And then I cuddled up with Puppynap and we watched a programme about a reindeer going for a walk in the snow.

David then came to ask if they were here yet but they wasn't. When they get here we can have our presents.

Daddy then came down in his Christmas clothes and we had a cuddle while we waited.

And then the girl came down the stairs and we had a game of rough and tumble.

And then finally they were here.

Come on everyone, it's time to open our presents. Come on everyone.

*Sniff, sniff*

Is that my one's Daddy?

I got a teddy and some wrapping paper...

Thank you x

Is there anything else that's for me?

Yes, lots of bags of treats and snackeroos and things. Lovely!

Then I was tired out and had a lay with teddy on my chair and had a little sleep.

But I woke up when David came in with Puppynap playing with his new toy, a feathering thing on a string. 


Then we had a little dance together.

And we both had some extra treats.

And then there was a knock on the door and Mogsie, Twizzle and George's mummy came over to say hello and give me and David some presents.

Brilliant, what have I got?

It's a squeaky penguin, especially for Christmas. I'll say a big thank you next time I see her. It was brilliant present.

And then The Elf came me a great big bone, a bit too big for my mouth but I gave it a go.

And then I remembered I was hungry, it was the afternoon and went in the kitchen t see what Daddy and Puppynap were doing.

While David waited for his dinner at the table.

I had a full roast. Ummm!

I was very full up afterwards and fell asleep on the animal magic legs.

And woke up to Puppynap saying this was the lady that I was named after come to say Happy Christmas to me. She was on the TV

It was then getting late so I cuddled up with The Elf for a sleep until...

David woke me up and we both got some more treats to eat.

Phew, I'm worn out now, it's been such a busy day.

Happy Christmas everyone, Love River x

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