Sunday, 16 March 2014

The One On The Left, Her Name Was Ivy!

I was just thinking it would be brilliant to go out when Puppynap put my reigns on and said come on River we're going to take you out on an adventure!

And then the door went ding dong and the girl came in. Brilliant the girls coming on the adventure, shake your head if you are excited!

The boy's here to, let me sniff your hand!

When we got in the car I went in front with the girl. I wanted to see where we were going first.

*Sniff, sniff*

 I know this place.

Daddy wouldn't even consider not!

Yes I know the way and where we're going.

Up hill, down hill...

We're at the lakes!

I know where we are because the swans always come and say hello.

Right said hello, what we doing next?

Hello gooses and ducks and things, are you having a lovely day?

Oh this one's hissing at the girl. 


Phew made it away safely. I'm getting a bit thirsty!

Daddy you are brilliant, I was just getting a bit thirsty.

*Gulp, gulp*

Ahh. That's better!

Hang on a minute I think I want another little drink before we go.

Come on everyone, this way over the bridge.

Ooh a little silver bone. Treasures!

What's down here Daddy?

Oh more swans.

...and two little doggies having a swim.

Come on Daddy let's go for a run!

And then we met some mer-men in the lake and one of them found a sock in the water.

Anything else boys?

Then there was some more swans who came to say hello

They weren't very friendly though! 

It must have been raining here very hard, the path got flooded and we couldn't get through. I would have given it a go but the other's didn't want to get their feet muddy.

But we did see a bear in the tree...

...and some more little doggies. The one on the left, her name was Ivy!

I was beginning to get very tired, we must haver walked for about 15 miles.

Nearly there now...

...just a little bit further to go... he is the little man who leaves water out for all us doggies.

Hello little man!

Come on everyone the best bit is yet to happen.

Hanging out the car window feeling the wind in my hair. Ahhh lovely!