Saturday 15 March 2014

No I Can't Do That But I Can Swing My Ear!

Brilliant, Puppynaps come out to play with me. He kicked the big pink ball and said come on River chase it it's fun.

I don't know it's a very big pink ball!

Wow it's very wide, I can only just get my paws around it!

Ha, ha! I can out run you!

Oi Puppynap it's stuck, make it move please.

Come on move. Erghhh!

I'm just going to sit here and wait until it moves!

Hello Kitty.

That's better, brilliant!

Huh, huh, phew it's so tiring chasing this all around the garden but Puppynap was right it it fun, chasing it makes me laugh!

i wonder if I can balance right on the top of it?

No I can't do that but I can swing  my ear!


I'm exhausted...

...but I'm not done yet!

That was brilliant Puppynap. Your turn now daddy!