Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Special Visitors

I was just having a little rest in the window in the sun when Daddy called me and said...

...that I needed to get ready. We were going to be having some visitors and I needed to be all ready and brush and neat.

When he was finished I went and sat looking out of the window waiting for my special visitors. I didn't know who it was and then I saw the Elf in her car and she came with another lady called S and then all of a sudden there was another little doggie with them.

Brilliant, another doggie. Who are you?

The other doggie was called Izzy and she was brilliant. She came in and we made friends straight away and started to play. I've never met Izzy before and she looked very much like me. Puppynap said I should play nicely. Silly Puppynap I always play nicely! 

We played jump on the back and took it in turns...

...although I think I was on her back more than she was on mine!

As it was such a lovely day Daddy said come on everyone let's go outside and play in the sun which was a brilliant idea.

I whispered to Izzy that we could have some real fun out here and she said she was well up for fun!

After a little while Daddy picked me up and said I needed to calm down and made me fly through the air while Izzy had a little sniff around on her own...

...but I wanted to play with Izzy, it's been ages since another little doggie has been here...

...and even though he was holding me really tightly I managed to break free!

I then said to Izzy would she like to play with my yellow ring...

...and she said yes she would and went and got it and Puppynap threw it all around the garden and then we chased it.

She's very good you know, she found all the pathways through the garden very quickly and even though she it smaller than me she can run very fast!

It was then time for lunch. We had the chicken! We then played hide and seek...

...I didn't know where Izzy was hiding... 

...and then I found her hiding under the chair, it was a very good place to hide!

But then the sun started to go down and the Elf said she was feeling a bit cold and we all went indoors and Puppynap got my toy box out. Izzy played with my red ball and I ate a bit of my bone for some energy, I was beginning to feel really tired.

That lovely lady called S then said she had a present for me and gave it to me. Brilliant when you have it in your mouth it makes a noise. Daddy will love that!

I then heard Puppynap say that George the cat was outside and I jumped up in the window to have a look. I remembered that if you are quiet then the cat won't run away. It's true it always worked with Lil'! It's a shame Lil' is not here she would have loved meeting Izzy and S. I whispered to Izzy to be quiet and that she could have a look at George the cat too!

Then everyone had to go home and I was just so tired that I couldn't even keep my eyes open. Thank you everyone I had a brilliant day!

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